Therapies Offered


Individual Art Therapy is a regular one on one meeting. This can be once or twice a week and last anywhere between a couple of months to several years.

The art therapy session can be a place to bring a particular issue that is bothering you or a place to review and develop aspects of yourself and your life.


Group Art Therapy is a regular group meeting once a week, where you can explore a specific issue or come for personal development and growth.

In group therapy there is a powerful process that happens within the confines of the group context, allowing you to feel connectivity, giving and receiving support and helping you find your voice within the group.


Art therapy sessions for children are weekly one on one sessions, where through the art process we can tackle issues the child is facing in a non-threatening and creative way.

Children are naturally creative, and it is usually easier for them to draw a picture, as opposed to answering questions directly. They may be reluctant or even hostile about discussing certain topics. Creating artwork is a non-threatening venue that allows children to tackle tough issues in a creative way. Talking to the children about their drawings or paintings and helping them interpret the art, can provide therapists with the opening they need to get at the heart of the problems affecting their young patients. Art Therapy Journal


Art therapy sessions for adolescents are regular weekly one on one sessions, where through the relationship with the art and art therapist, the client can explore the challenges he or she is facing.

For teenagers discussing their feelings and thoughts can be very frightening and threatening and art therapy allows them to explore these issues in an indirect non-threatening way. The art allows them to go beyond words, tapping into their most authentic self. Teenagers naturally communicate in symbols and art therapy is a way to break the barrier and really connect.